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Fortify Your Life: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals, and More

Fortify Your Life: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals, and More

$ 16.00

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog is one of the country’s leading experts on herbs and dietary supplements. She has chaired many panels for the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) on dietary supplements and botanicals and is extremely knowledgeable about the scientific evidence on the use of these products. In her book, Fortify Your Life: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals, and More, she reveals startling statistics about nutritional deficiencies and shortcomings in America. They are far more common than most health professionals may realize.

Are You Deficient in a Vitamin or Mineral?

Might you be taking a medication that could interfere with your nutritional status? Many people don’t realize that their heartburn drug or blood pressure pill could affect how their bodies absorb and manage certain vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, thiamine, magnesium or zinc.

What Supplements Do You Need?

To find out which nutrients you might need to supplement, and what formulations are best, you will want to consult this authoritative book. In addition to comprehensive chapters on vitamins and minerals, it also covers the most important nutraceuticals such as alpha-lipoic acid, Conenzyme Q10 and melatonin. Don't miss the Appendix describing Drug-Nutrient Depletions and Interactions!

Fortify Your Life is now available in an affordable paperback edition only through The People’s Pharmacy. The hardback has a list price of $26.00. This paperback version is listed at $16.00.


About the Author:

Tieraona Low Dog, MD, is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of integrative medicine, dietary supplements, herbal medicine and women’s health. She has served as Fellowship Director of the Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health & Medicine with the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine and as Director of the Fellowship for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. 

She is a founding member of the American Board of Physician Specialties, American Board of Integrative Medicine and the Academy of Women’s Health. She has served as Chair of the US Pharmacopeia Dietary Supplements/Botanicals Expert Committee. In addition. she served on the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Her books include: Women’s Health in Complementary and Integrative Medicine; Life Is Your Best Medicine; and Healthy at Home. Her latest is Fortify Your Life: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and More. For more information, see her website:

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