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Spice Up Your Health: How Everyday Kitchen Herbs & Spices Can Lengthen & Strengthen Your Life

Spice Up Your Health: How Everyday Kitchen Herbs & Spices Can Lengthen & Strengthen Your Life

$ 15.95

Spices have long been treasured both for their flavor and for their potential to improve our health. Doctors used to consider the health-promoting properties of herbs and spices to be far-fetched stories, or old wives' tales. New research shows, however, that many popular spices and herbs have powerful effects on our circulation, immune system and cognitive function.

In this brand new 185-page book, you'll learn about the fascinating investigations carried out in laboratories and clinics that point to the surprising health benefits of culinary herbs and spices. Find handy recipes and easy home remedies that will help you deal with common health complaints from colds and coughs to arthritis, hypertension and high cholesterol. You'll learn about spices that aid digestion, help you overcome insomnia and lower blood sugar.

Turmeric, for example, can ease arthritis pain, muscle cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, nerve pain and help with blood sugar, blood pressure, cognitive function and depression. The anti-cancer activity of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is attracting major research.

"Rosemary is for remembrance." That's from Hamlet. It turns out Shakespeare may have been onto something. Research indicates that this wonderful culinary herb can improve memory, concentration and learning in animals. It may be equally beneficial in humans as it also relieves anxiety and stress. It also makes food taste wonderful. Read our recipes for rosemary tea and a rosemary sports rub to ease sore muscles and joints.

Modern science is rediscovering what our ancestors knew thousands of years ago: herbs and spices make food taste good and offer some amazing health benefits. Can you think of a better holiday present for friends and family? 

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