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Disease Proof book cover

Disease-Proof - Listen & Read

$ 30.55

Wouldn’t you like to reduce your risk of chronic disease by 80 percent? No medicine can do that, but you can do it for yourself. And you already know what it takes: a healthful diet, physical activity, staying away from harmful substances and connecting with people you love.

What keeps many of us from taking action in these areas is not that we lack the willpower. We WANT to be healthy, but we don’t have the skills we need to implement these lifestyle changes.

Dr. David Katz tells us what they are and how to acquire them in his conversation with us and in his superb book, Disease-Proof.


David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, is Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center and editor in chief of the journal Childhood Obesity. He is a clinical instructor in medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and Director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital. He is also President Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

His book is Disease Proof: The Remarkable Truth about What Makes Us Well.

Get both the CD and the book to get the clearest explanation of Dr. Katz’s message. The price represents a 15% discount from the full price of the CD and the book separately.

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