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Natural Healing Holiday Bundle

Natural Healing Holiday Bundle

$ 19.44 $ 29.90

If you are an enthusiast of natural healing, we have a wonderful holiday offer for you. You can get both of our most popular books on natural healing and save more than 20% by purchasing the bundle rather than buying the books separately.

Here is what you get:

Graedons’ Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis:

Common pain relievers such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, meloxicam or naproxen are only supposed to be used occasionally or for a limited time except under a doctor’s supervision. That’s not much help for people with painful joints due to arthritis. They ache every day. What can they use instead of the medications?

You will find numerous helpful possibilities in Graedons’ Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis, ranging from food remedies like pineapple to herbal medicines such as Ashwagandha or boswellia to favorite home remedies such as gin-drenched raisins or Certo and grape juice. What do you know about MSM & SAMe? Should you try acupuncture? Graedons’ Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis has the answers, whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one.

104 pages, published 2017


The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies:

Published by National Geographic, this book is a perennial favorite of People’s Pharmacy visitors, rated 4.9 (out of 5) stars. The book is loaded with practical information on common ailments, from constipation, coughs and dandruff through headaches and heartburn to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle cramps and sinusitis.

In addition to a wealth of home remedies, you will find our favorite foods for healing. You’ll learn about the science supporting the healing power of blueberries, cherries, curry, ginger, walnuts and chocolate, among other foods. You’ll also get detailed information on three evidence-based diets shown to improve health: the DASH diet to lower blood pressure, the Mediterranean diet for better heart health, and the low-carb diet for weight loss and blood sugar control. 

264 pages, published 2011


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