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Saving Money on Medicines

Saving Money on Medicines

$ 2.99 $ 3.99

It may be cheaper to buy prescription drugs from Canada, but is it safe? This 20 page guide offers guidelines to evaluate online Canadian pharmacies.

It also discusses the pros and cons of generic drugs and offers tips on using generic drugs wisely. Which drugs have a narrow therapeutic index that might make them too risky to take as generics?

Could you qualify for free medicine from drug companies? Find out how.

Plus 10 tips for saving money on medicine.

This Guide would normally be priced at $3.99. Because it is about saving money, however, we decided to save you some money and price it for now at $2.99.

Please note: this Health Guide is designed to be downloaded as a pdf. Upon completion of your order a special link will be emailed to you to access the guide.

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