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Show 1006: Surviving Allergy Season

Show 1006: Surviving Allergy Season

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Once fall begins, lots of Americans start to suffer. Up to a third of us struggle with sneezing, sniffling, congestion, itchy eyes and post-nasal drip as a result of hay fever (really ragweed pollen reaction) or other allergies.

Avoiding Allergy Triggers:

The best chance for managing allergies is to identify and avoid the triggers. But how do you come up with an avoidance plan? Learn how to keep dust mites under control in your home and which vacuum cleaners and HVAC filters are best.

Surviving Allergy Season:

We discuss antihistamines and other allergy medicines, along with allergy shots. In addition, we explore non-drug complementary approaches for surviving allergy season.

This Week’s Guests:

James Sublett, MD, is the current president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. He is a board-certified allergist and managing partner of Family Allergy and Asthma in Louisville, KY. The photo is of Dr. Sublett. His website is

Leonard Bielory, MD, is past director of the Rutgers University Asthma and Allergy Research Center and Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology. He is conducting research on climate change and allergic airway disease at the Rutgers Climate Institute.

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