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Show 1016: Rosita Arvigo Recommends Remedies from the Rainforest

Show 1016: Rosita Arvigo Recommends Remedies from the Rainforest

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The tropical rainforest of Belize is full of medicinal plants. The knowledge of these plants and their uses has been considered secret, closely guarded by the traditional Mayan practitioners of shamanism.

But several decades ago, an inquisitive and persistent American woman showed up and became a shaman’s apprentice. Ultimately, the shaman realized that she could teach others, including young Mayans, about the riches of the rainforest so that his knowledge would not be lost forever. Rosita Arvigo tells her story and shares her wisdom as she talks with Joe and Terry.

This Week’s Guest:

Rosita Arvigo is a doctor of naprapathy as well as an ethnobotanist and teacher. She has written nine books on the traditional healing of Central America, with the blessing of her mentor, Don Eligio of San Ignacio, Belize. Her enthusiasm has helped keep his knowledge alive. Dr. Arvigo has been instrumental in cataloging and preserving thousands of healing plants and trees of Belize through the Belize Ethnobotany Project. She founded the Ix Chel Tropical Research Center in Belize along with the Arvigo Institute.

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