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Show 1045: How to Design Your Diet for Better Health

Show 1045: How to Design Your Diet for Better Health

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You may think you know how to eat, but does your diet lead to optimal health? Some people who don't have celiac disease still need to avoid bread, cereal, crackers and other foods made with wheat barley and rye. What is the story on non-celiac gluten sensitivity?

How much protein is there in your diet? Does it matter for your health? And what difference does it make whether it comes from hot dogs or lentil soup? We unravel the complexity of a Harvard-based study on protein.

Food and Drug Interactions:

You've probably heard that grapefruit juice doesn't mix well with certain medicines. But what about apple juice, tea or coffee? We discuss some food and drug interactions you might not be aware of.
Some of the spices in your kitchen pantry have healing properties. Which ones do you use as remedies?

The Low-Down on Fish Oil:

Fish oil has gotten a lot of bad press in the past year. Now scientists say it can be helpful in certain circumstances. Who can benefit from supplemental omega-3 fatty acids?

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