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Show 1051: How Can Vegetarians Get All the Nutrients They Need?

Show 1051: How Can Vegetarians Get All the Nutrients They Need?

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Research makes it clear that what we eat makes a difference for our health. But there are so many different diet patterns that have been promoted as healthy. Is there one that is optimal for you?

What Should Vegetarians Consider for Complete Nutrition?

Many people choose to avoid eating meat, either for ethical or health reasons. Can vegetarians and vegans get all the nutrients they need? Are there special precautions they should be taking? What are the best alternatives to highly processed soy products like "hot dogs" or veggie burgers?

What Diet Do You Follow?

Have you changed your diet to try to control your blood sugar or lower your risk of heart disease? What are you doing, and how well is it working? We are interested in your stories and questions about healthy diets.

This Week's Guest:

Kara Mitchell MS, RDN/LDN, ACSM-RCEP, CDE, is the Wellness Manager at the Duke Health and Fitness Center. She is also a Clinical Associate with the Duke University School of Nursing.

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