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Show 680: Enjoying Sex After 50

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Dr. Ruth Westheimer is America’s most renowned sex expert. She shares her decades of experience answering questions on sex. What are the most common concerns facing couples? Is there hope for sex after 50?

Can Female Sexual Dysfunction Be Overcome?

The husband and wife team of Irwin and Sue Goldstein have blazed a trail for recognizing sexual medicine as a specialty. They share secrets about female sexual dysfunction and reveal some surprising new research about drug development for women. Pink Viagra may not be a pipe dream.

Guests on This Episode:

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is America’s best known sex expert. She has degrees in sociology and a doctorate in education from Columbia University. She completed post-doctoral work in human sexuality at New York Presbyterian. She hosted a radio show on WYNY called "Sexually Speaking" for many years. Some of her books include:

Sex for Dummies
Rekindling Romance for Dummies
Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Safer Sex
Sex and Morality: Who is Teaching our Sex Standards?
Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Good Sex
Sex After 50: Revving Up the Romance, Passion and Excitement

Irwin Goldstein, MD, is editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine and Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, California. He is also Clinical Professor of Surgery at University of California at San Diego and Director of San Diego Sexual Medicine.

Sue Goldstein is sexual medicine education coordinator and co-author of the book, When Sex Isn’t Good: Stories and Solutions of Women with Sexual Dysfunction.

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