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Show 804: The Power of Rest

Show 804: The Power of Rest

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Is rest a waste of time? Many of us think so, but burning the candle at both ends has its costs. Eventually, the result is burnout along with physical and emotional exhaustion.

While sleep is crucial for good health, sleep alone may not suffice to restore health. Dr. Matthew Edlund believes that using rest deliberately, in addition to activity, provides unanticipated benefits. He tells us how to improve the efficiency of our sleep time and how to tap the power of rest.

This Week’s Guest

Matthew Edlund, M.D., is an expert on rest, sleep, performance and public health, and the author of The Power of Rest, The Body Clock Advantage, and Designed to Last. His previous articles can be found at
He is the Director of the Gulf Coast Sleep Institute Center for Circadian Medicine, Sarasota, Florida.

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