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Show 864: Summertime Remedies

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Summertime offers great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes there are risks that might be hard to avoid. Chiggers, ticks and mosquitos can make you miserable. What can you do to avoid them or manage the itch that results?

This summer has broken heat records in many places. Is your medication putting you at risk for heat stroke? We'll find out how to recognized the signs and what to do.

Going out in the summer sun can result in a painful sunburn. Little children, with their delicate skin, are especially vulnerable. And there may be serious consequences years later, in the form of skin cancer. How should parents be protecting them?

We explore the stories behind the health headlines and entertain listeners' remedies for summer maladies.

Guest: Alan Geller, RN, MPH, Senior Lecturer, Harvard School of Public Health

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