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Show 954: Treating Cancer with Healing Sound

Show 954: Treating Cancer with Healing Sound

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Getting a diagnosis of cancer is an extremely stressful experience. What if, when you got the diagnosis, you were offered the opportunity to learn about meditation and stress reduction through listening to the soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls? Dr. Mitch Gaynor incorporates these relaxation techniques and advice on bolstering the immune system with appropriate nutrition through diet and supplements into his treatment protocols, which include conventional cancer-fighting modalities as well.

Listen to the tone of a quartz crystal bowl and learn how Tibetan bowls can help reduce the stress of a cancer diagnosis. Because stress affects prognosis, stress reduction strategies can be very beneficial. Dr. Gaynor explains how.

Guest: Mitchell Gaynor, MD, is founder and president of Gaynor Integrative Oncology. He is a board certified medical oncologist, internist and hematologist. His books include Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program; Sounds of Healing: A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice and Music; The Healing Power of Sound: Recover from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice and Music; and Nurture Nature Nurture Health–Your Health and the Environment. There is more info at and

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