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Shonna Yin, MD

Show 956: Beat the Heat and Stay Healthy This Summer

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Hot summer temperatures can be uncomfortable for anybody, but for some folks they may be downright dangerous. Which drugs require extra caution because they make a person more vulnerable to heat? What medicines might make someone more susceptible to sunburn? And which drugs need extra protection from summertime heat to stay potent? Speaking of sunburn, how will the new legislation on sunscreens change the market?

Popular summer foods aren’t always thought of healthy, but some are nutritional powerhouses. What can you eat or slurp and feel smug about all the anti-oxidants you are getting? Can any of those foods help protect you from sunburn from the inside out?

Parents sometimes have difficulty measuring medicine accurately when they are giving it to young children. What are the best approaches? We’ll also discuss ways to handle stings, swimmer’s ear, mosquito bites, first aid and muscle cramps while we consider how to beat the heat this summer.

Guest: Shonna Yin, MD, is a pediatrician and researcher at the New York University School of Medicine. Her study of parent dosing practices was published in Pediatrics.

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