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David Kroll

Show 970: Health News Update on Hydrocodone & Vitamin D

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Hydrocodone Painkillers

Last month, the Drug Enforcement Administration changed its classification of hydrocodone containing pain relievers. The new rules will make it more difficult for some patients to get their medications. What will they mean for you?

Vitamin D

As we head into winter, people in most parts of the country will not be able to make vitamin D by exposing their skin to sunlight. The sun is too low in the sky, and anyway it is too cold to bare very much skin. So how do we get vitamin D and why should we care?

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This Week’s Guests:

David Kroll, PhD, is a pharmacologist and medical writer in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. The photograph is of Dr. Kroll.

Tieraona Low Dog, MD, is director of Fellowship for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, and one of the country’s leading experts on the science of dietary supplements. Her latest book is Healthy at Home: Get Well and Stay Well without Prescriptions.

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