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Show 979: Health News Update on Defending the Brain

Show 979: Health News Update on Defending the Brain

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Taking medications that affect brain chemicals can alter our risk of developing dementia. Find out which prescription and over-the-counter drugs are associated with a greater risk of an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

A Dutch study last month showed that using a special device to reach into an artery in the brain and pull out a clot causing a stroke could significantly improve recovery of function. Neurologist Larry Goldstein, MD, puts the research into perspective.

How can patients weigh the risks and the benefits of common treatments, from flu shots to cholesterol-lowering dugs? What has your experience been?

Call in your questions and comments at 888-472-3366 or email between 7 and 8 am EDT.

Guests: Larry Goldstein, MD, FAAN, FANA, FAHA, is Professor of Neurology and Chief of the Division of Stroke and Vascular Neurology in the Department of Neurology at Duke University Medical Center. He is also Director of the Duke Stroke Center and Vice-Chair for Quality and Credentials.

Shelly Gray, PharmD, MS, is Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Pharmacy in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Washington. She is also director of the Geriatric Pharmacy Program. Her article on anticholinergic drugs and dementia was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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