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Tod Cooperman, MD

Show 985: Herbal Supplements Put to the Test

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A recent investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office provoked scandalized headlines. They indicated that important herbal supplements from four major retailers did not actually contain the herbs they purported to provide. What was detected by the DNA barcode test was rice, soy or wheat possibly used as fillers.

But was the DNA barcode test appropriate for the extracts that were tested? We consult two experts on supplement quality control, Dr. Tod Cooperman of and Dr. Russell Setright, consultant to Blackmore’s, Australia, for their herbal products. Learn how herbs are regulated differently in Australia as well as many European countries.

We’ll also explore some recent research on herbal and food therapies.

Call in your questions and comments at 888-472-3366 or email between 7 and 8 am EDT.


Tod Cooperman, MD, is founder and president of, an organization that tests the quality of supplements on the American market.

Russell Setright, ND, ATMS, is a medical herbalist, acupuncturist and educator in Advanced Life Support, First Aid, Emergency Care and Rescue. He has taught naturopathy at the Academy of Natural Therapies on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, and consulted with Blackmores Ltd., an Australian producer of herbal supplements. His books include The Handbook of Preventive Medicine with T.M. Florence, MD, and Get Well, An A-Z of Natural Medicine for Everyday Illness. His website is


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