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John Lester

Show 995: Changing Your Life to Improve Your Health

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Most of us know what we should do to clean up our lifestylesÑeat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and so on ad nauseum. It isnÕt very exciting, and perhaps thatÕs why we don’t necessarily do the things we know that we ought to.

Perhaps we think it doesn’t really matter for us, at least not right now. Or maybe we think it won’t make enough of a difference. Perhaps it feels like changing our behavior will be too much trouble.

We talk with our friend John who has made significant changes, little by little, and reaped great rewards. And we’d like to hear your story. How have you changed the way you live to improve your health?

A Sex Drug for Women?

An FDA advisory committee met Thursday to consider whether flibanserin (Addyi) should be approved to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder. It would be the first such medication for women. After much consideration, a majority of the members recommended for approval, but with caveats that are important. WeÕll discuss them with pharmacologist David Kroll, who will help us answer your questions.

Read JoeÕs blog about the flibanserin FDA hearings and his perspective on the drug here.

This WeekÕs Guests:

John Lester is an expert in immersive learning and 3D simulations in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is Chief Learning Officer with ReactionGrid. He is also Creative Advisor and Community Developer at Wiggle Planet. The photo is of John Lester.

David Kroll, PhD, is a pharmacologist and science writer in Durham, NC. His blogpost about flibanserin was published at

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